“Must Have” when walking dogs or at dog park!

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While living on our farm, I was enjoying a Christmas Eve day playing with my dog Kheeta, our German Shepherd and my sisters recently rescued GSD mix, Nellie. I was
tossing a ball for them to fetch. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until Nellie nipped at Kheeta’s hindquarters because she had the ball. She wasn’t playing nice and
Kheeta wasted no time to attack her. It was scary. I immediately grabbed the collar of one of the dogs but the collar broke free. I tried making loud noises to capture their attention and it was no use, they were rolling on the ground with their teeth clenched into each others necks. I can make a very loud whistle sound but even that didn’t break them free. Finally, I had the idea to grab the hind legs of one of the dogs and drag her backwards. This separated them long enough to get there attention and then I could send Kheeta into a down. She did go into a down because she really is a good dog but when dogs are in a fight they don’t hear anything. They are entranced in the moment. I was able to holler up to the house to ask my sister to call her dog. She did, and Nellie bolted towards the house.

We inspected the dogs and to our surprise there was no broken skin. They both exhibited excellent bite inhibition. A very important lesson dogs learn in early development
through play and socialization. The only one that had broken skin was me which happened when I reached in to break up the fight. My foot was placed to close to their
heads and they mistook me for each other. It was not intentional to bite me, it was my fault for putting myself in arms way. As you can see, my method of breaking it up from
behind was key. It was this moment that I decided to carry pepper spray.

Imagine walking your dog and out of the blue a stray dog shows up and the body language exhibited from the stray is aggressive. Dogs will do 1 of 2 things, fight or flight. In the blink of an eye you could have a dog fight on your hands. The safest and quickest way to end it is with “Halt” spray. I purchased this online and you can too, just Google dog spray and you will find many products available. It is small, it can clip on your belt or carry it in your fanny pack. I always have a fanny pack on me for dog treats and poop bags.

Since that day, we never bring toys out for them to play with when they are together and they get along just fine. Resource guarding can be a potential motivator for a fight.

Expect the unexpected. What is your backup plan?

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