3 Reasons Why Not Wag

On Demand Dog Walkers?

What is Wag? Why is it so popular?  Is it the App?  Have our dogs become an afterthought that we need a convenient app to send in the dog walker?  I hope not.  

Here are my thoughts:

Who sits around waiting for their phone to tell them where to go and who to walk? Who are these dog walkers? What do you know about them? What actual experience do they have walking dogs of different sizes and temperaments?  

Isn’t this “on demand” stuff going a little too far when it comes to your fur babies?  Are your dogs your last thought and priority that you need an app to get you out of a jamb?  We are better than this!

Okay, let’s take a step back and look at 3 scenarios to see why this is a bad idea.

Scenario #1

What happens if your dog bites the stranger that came in to walk them? Who pays for the medical bills for the walker? Your homeowner’s insurance? You know Wag isn’t going to cover it.  These are independent contractors, they are not employees that are covered under workman’s comp.

Scenario #2

Okay, so your dog doesn’t bite. Thank goodness, he is very accepting of all person’s arrivals and the walker takes your dog for a walk.  Your dog sees a squirrel and lurches forward, your dog walker hasn’t had “proper” training and the dog gets loose, runs across the street and is now a missing dog on the loose. Even worse the dog is injured by an oncoming car.  Was it worth the convenient app and $20?

Yes, the walker is feeling horrible about it and will probably even help you find your precious dog. Is the CEO of Wag going to help find your dog? No, they are going to cancel your dog walkers directory listing and tell you to file a claim of which you are going to pay the deductible for.  Terrible customer service and oh, btw, they don’t stand behind their I.C’s either!

Scenario #3

You have been delighted with your dog walker that you use on a recurring basis but guess what, your walker doesn’t earn enough money to do this work anymore and must take a new job.  Your regular walker isn’t available, after all they have vacations, other commitments as well.  How much time will you spend finding another walker? How many times over and over will you need to interview a new dog walker? What is your time worth?  How much do you value your dogs? I assume you value them a lot, you want them to have physical exercise and mental stimulation during the day.

Convenience and Price:

I ask you to think very hard before putting convenience and price ahead of your pets well-being and safety.  After all, you are hiring a dog walker because you do care about your dog’s well-being.  Be very careful in selecting a person that has your best interests at heart. When something does go wrong, ask yourself if the company you hired will be in your corner. 

Taking care of other people’s pets is a HUGE responsibility. I think that is why WAG hires I.C. instead of employees, it takes the liability off of them.

Now Let’s Take A Look At What A Professional Local Dog Walking Service Offers.

Professional Dog Walking Companies stand behind their employees,

Great Customer Service AND Convenient! You will speak to someone on the phone, ME, The very person that owns and operates her own company.  You can bet I care about you and will listen to what your needs are. I have an office manager that covers the phones when I am not available. Her name is Anna, she will take excellent care of you as well.

Hillsboro Dog Walkers carries Pet Sitters Insurance to Protect YOU!

If an insurance claim ever needs to be filed, for example, your dog is bitten by a stray dog while we were walking your dog.  You will not have to pay a deductible, we will take care of filing the claim and the insurance company will contact you. 

Workman’s Compensation and why it should matter to you

Employees are covered under Workman’s Comp, this protects our employees when they are injured.  I know what you’re thinking, WC is the law.  Yes! You are correct.  I could have chosen to operate my pet sitting service by using Independent Contractors and shift my responsibility onto them and you, as Rover and Wag have done.  However, I chose to hire employees to protect them and you.   If an independent contractor is injured in your home, you may be liable to pay the medical damages.  Our pet sitters insurance and workman’s compensation protects you from this liability.  This is a HUGE difference between WAG, Rover, DogVacay and Hillsboro Dog Walkers.  


HDW owns this responsibility by carefully interviewing, training and standing behind our employees.  We want to give our clients the best experience ever! We strive and achieve fast turnaround confirmations. You can trust our employees, I have personally worked with each one and trust them to care for my pets.  If I can say that then you can trust them with yours.

Stability and Peace Of Mind:

When our employees, move or leave to pursue something else in their life, you won’t have to worry about a thing.  We will have an alternate employee step right in to take their place. 

If you want a true professional and caring dog walking service to meet all of your needs, provide support when you pet is sick, easy online scheduling, awesome photo text updates and the best service ever then call Hillsboro Dog Walkers. 

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Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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