4 Clear Signs Your Pet Is Sick

MissyHow will your pet sitter respond to a real life pet emergency.

As your professional pet sitter we strive to be prepared.  Shelley has been certified in Pet First and CPR, trained to recognize when an animal is ill, in shock or injured.

You are probably wondering, when my pet gets sick, are we prepared to handle the emergency?

We are trained to recognize when a pet appears sick.  Knowing there normal behavior helps us determine this.  We acquire this information at the time our clients sign up for our services and as your regular sitter or dog walker we have firsthand experience getting to know your pets.

4 Clear Signs Your Pet Is Sick


Depending on the frequency and what they might have ingested this would be cause for alarm.


Change of diet and environmental stresses can cause diarrhea, however it can also be an indicator of something more serious.


Some dogs have this condition and the parents already are aware of it.  They may have medication for this condition.  If it happens out of the blue we will defiantly to etra precautions to keep them safe during the seizure, notify owners and get them to the vet.

Head Shaking:

This is usually indicates an infection in there ears.  While it isn’t an immediate emergency, your dog should see a vet as soon as you can get them in.  Angry ears make for an unhappy dog.  You can also smell the ears, it will smell yeasty or have a bad smell.

Real Life Crisis

I inquired with my pet sitting groups and asked for some real life examples and how they handled the situation.  Several pet sitters around the country shared their stories. Their experiences ranged from, diabetic cat nearly dead to vomiting dogs. In all the cases, the owner was notified immediately and pets where taken to vets in which this quick action saved their lives.

Most of the time, pet sitting is your normal, dog walking, straining cat litter, playing with kitties, and tug of war with the dogs but when an emergency presents itself we are prepared to handle your pets needs.

Do your research when hiring a pet sitter to learn if they know how to handle a potential emergency.  Do they have your best interests at heart?  Are they organized? Have they done their homework and know what to do just in case? Do they have an emergency plan?

Is your caregiver authorized to have your pets treated at the vet?

Talk to your veterinary and have the name of the person or company caring for your pets while you are on vacation authorized.  The Vet clinics will still contact you and keep you posted regarding how your babies are doing and how to proceed.

Hillsboro Dog Walkers provides pet sitting for all your critters as well as daily dog walking to help your dogs get the exercise they deserve.




  1. Every pet owner should know the signs of sickness in their pet. That way they can be more aware, and look out for those signs. If these symptoms, such as diarrhea or head-shaking, appear, then they can get their pet into the vet as soon as possible! Hopefully that will help their pet to feel better.

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