6 Games To Keep Your Pets Active and Happy!

Nose work


You will love watching your dog get excited the next time you bring out your leftover cardboard boxes.  This game is about stimulating your dogs natural sense of smell and hunting instincts.  Place a treat in one of the boxes and let your dog explore the boxes.  When they find the box with the treat throw a party.  Send Fido out of the room just long enough to hide a new treat placed in a different box.  You can make the game a litter harder by adding more boxes, stacking the boxes and placing in different formations around the room.  Praise Fido every time they find the prize!

Laser pointer

Move the light around on the floor and watch them chase the light, this is great for cats and dogs.  A word of caution: Don’t shine the light in your dog’s eyes.

Play Tugfile0001005479263

Dogs love this game and it won’t teach them to be aggressive.  It’s important to keep it fun. If their teeth grab any part of your skin, say “OUCH” very loud and end the game.  Later begin play again and repeat the negative reinforcement if they get your skin again.   Soon they will understand that rough play isn’t allowed.

Clicker Games

  • Using positive rewards you and your dog will have a lot of fun shaping behaviors. Teach sit, down, and stay. Stand on a box, crawl, shake, turn in a circle.  Be creative and have fun.
  • Get a large empty cardboard box and watch to see what your dog does with it.  Click at any behavior and treat, wait for another behavior, click and treat.

Stuff a Kongkong

or large bone with peanut butter and treats. Set the kong out for your dog when you leave the house, or better yet hide it so they have to hunt for the prize first!  Be sure to put it away when you return home.  This will be something they will look forward look forward to instead of feeling sad when you leave.

Short on time?

Hire a pet sitter

to walk your dog while you’re at work and engage in one these games on rainy days.

Benefits: Breaks up a long day for your dog.

Gives them exercise and socialization.

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