4th of July Dog Safety Tips You Must Try

4th of July can be a dogs worst nightmare

Are you dreading the firecrackers, loud booms and all the fear that is associated with this holiday?  It is supposed to be a time for celebration.

I would like to remind everyone to be sensitive to all persons and pets that are having difficulty dealing with the loud noises this holiday. 

That being said, I can only speak for the dogs in the rest of my post.  Here are some tips to help your best friend deal with this day a little more softly.

#1 – Tire them out.  If you can, spend some time with your dogs on a hike early in the day, a place where they won’t experience any loud firecrackers, this will help them relax and be more tired.

#2 – If they like being in a crate, keep the crate accessible to them in the evening.  Throw a blanket over the crate so it is darker and they may feel more secure. 

#3-  Keep them inside! I cannot stress this enough.  They may be used to hanging out in the backyard but please don’t leave them outside on the 4th!

#4 – Make sure you have their collars on with I.D. tags.  July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters.  Dogs will run and try to get away from the noise only to find themselves lost, injured or worse yet, hit by a car.  If you are having a BBQ and celebrating the 4th at home, please secure your pets indoors for their safety.  I want to mention that even if your dog does not exhibit fear of fireworks, it will only take one bad experience to change this for the rest of their lives.  Keep them at home, don’t take them to the park to watch the fireworks display, one loud firecracker going off in their presence could create fear and anxiety.  Remember that their hearing is 10 times better than ours.

#5-Talk to your vet about medications that they can recommend or prescribe for anxiety.

#6- Try Music Therapy.  Consider “Through A Dogs Ear” to learn more about why and how this helps your pets relax, this can work for cats too!

#7 – Close your blinds and curtains because even the light flashes can cause your dog some anxiety.  Turn on all the lights in the house and create ambient noise (Turn on a fan) to drown out the celebrations outside.  Make sure to leave on some Music or TV.  You might need to turn it up loud. 

#8 – A few more tidbits to try.  Thundershirts, aromatherapy or a stuffed Kong with some very delicious goodies.  Stuff the Kong with wet dog food and freeze for use on the evening of the 4th.  I know some dogs won’t eat when they are afraid so this may or may not work.

You should have some opportunity to experiment this weekend as I am sure that your neighbors will be testing out their new supply of 4th of July Fireworks. I wish you all a wonderful, safe and relaxing 4th of July.  

If you aren’t going to be home, you could of course you could hire a dog sitter to check on them while you are away for the evening.


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