Its Time To Say Good Bye To Your Dog – Help For You Making This Decision

When is it Time To Say Good Bye To My Dog? Are you faced with the heart wrenching decision of knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to your dog?  Do you know when it’s time? I will provide you with questions for you to answer and help you make this decision. I am also […]

4th of July Dog Safety Tips You Must Try

4th of July can be a dogs worst nightmare Are you dreading the firecrackers, loud booms and all the fear that is associated with this holiday?  It is supposed to be a time for celebration. I would like to remind everyone to be sensitive to all persons and pets that are having difficulty dealing with […]

12 Toxins That Will Kill Your Pets

After attending the Spring Pet First Aide Class presented by Veterinary Northwest Specialist Sunday, I wanted to share with all pet owners poisons that will kill your pets if not identified and treated quickly. ¬†While there aren’t cures for poisoning there are things that can be done to treat and minimize the damage. Spring begins […]

Simple Tips For Walking Your Dog Safely In The Dark!

Can you be seen at night?  Can drivers spot you and your dog when you are on your evening walk?  I can’t tell you how many times I freaked out because I couldn’t see the dark shadow walking their black lab at night.  In my business ,we are out walking dogs all different times of […]

7 Important Facts – Before You Hire A Pet Sitter

Do you have a senior dog with pain or health ailments? Did you recently bring home an adorable, energetic puppy? Are your cats playful, curious, shy or elderly? Do you have a menagerie of multiple pets? Who can you call that will love and care for all your pet pals?