Pet Sitter Or Board My Pets?

This is a personal decision and the answer needs to fit your animals behavior, personality and physical limitations.

Is My Dog Stressed Out?

Do you know when your pets are stressed? I recently read an article written in Whole Dog Journal; by Turid Rugaas, a Norwegian dog trainer. She explains that stressors compromise the body’s immune system. In the frequent presence of adrenaline, the immune system is inhibited, which can make an animal more susceptible to disease.

How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost vs Boarding

HELP! I can’t decide! Should I board my pets or hire a pet sitter! Let’s take look at your options.

Why Hillsboro Pet Sitter Carries Insurance

Care, Custody and Control, is the heart of Hillsboro dog walkers mission. You have entrusted me to take CARE of your pets, while they are in my CUSTODY, therefore I must have CONTROL. How does your Hillsboro Pet Sitter achieve this?

Enjoy Stress Free Dog Walking!

Are your dogs more interested in the squirrels, cats and other dogs while on a walk? Is your dog pulling hard causing you pain in your shoulder? Is your dog harming themselves by pulling? Did you know that if Fido lunges forward abruptly or you  jerk on the leash/collar, you can cause serious harm to their […]