Hillsboro Pet Sitting Video

What does Frank Sinatra, Hillsboro Pet Sitter and Dogs have in common? Shelley shows you how much fun she has pet sitting in Hillsboro.

Pet Sitters Insurance, I’m So Confused!

Pet Sitters Insurance can be confusing to understand. I am breaking down the barrier of our pet sitters insurance policy so you can understand it.

1 Very Good Reason Not To Rub Cats Belly!

Playful cat scratches hurt. I pet sit for cats of all sizes, types and temperaments and while some are showing deep affection and trust it isn’t very much fun when I am tricked into thinking they want a belly rub when in fact it’s an invitation to play.

Does Your Pet Sitter Take The Time Necessary To Walk Your Timid Dog?

Dog walking isn’t as easy as it looks. Sometimes I walk very large dogs that are bouncing with energy and other times I help a timid dog learn to love walking outdoors.

7 Important Facts – Before You Hire A Pet Sitter

Do you have a senior dog with pain or health ailments? Did you recently bring home an adorable, energetic puppy? Are your cats playful, curious, shy or elderly? Do you have a menagerie of multiple pets? Who can you call that will love and care for all your pet pals?