Cats Peeing Outside The Litter Box

Are you experiencing litter box woes?cat in bucket

Even if you have only one cat you might have better results with 2 litter boxes.

The number-one problem with cats urinating outside the litter box relates to inadequate cleaning and hygiene of the box.

A simple rule of thumb, One litter box per cat plus one more.

Don’t place them all right next to each other.  Make sure you have them located in convenient places throughout your home.

Think convenience.  If the cat has to travel downstairs to the basement or upstairs to a special place she/he might choose there own spot on the main floor.

Strain your litter boxes at least 1 time a day.  Some kitties may not want to use the box because it is now soiled.  Strain 2x a day would even be better.

Change the litter once a week.

Try different litter products.

While your investigating different kitty litters.

Take a gander at this awesome Eco Friendly Litter!

Kitties Gone Green @

Locally Produced, Eco friendly cat litter made right here in Oregon.  It is a combination of alfalfa, white fir and pine.  It smells wonderful and will keep your home smelling organic too. Litter can be shipped if you don’t want to drive to Portland. You might consider asking your local pet store if they will carry it if you decide you love this product.

Another really awesome fact about this product is proceeds support animal rescue.  If all these facts aren’t wonderful enough to dance and celebrate, here is 2 more.

Litter can go straight in the garden for compost.  No more throwing in the trash. Completely safe for kittens and cats.

Could there be a Health reason for your kitty not using the litter box? You bet.

Visit your veterinary and discuss the issues. Health problems such as chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism or diabetes mellitus could make him need to urinate more frequently and less likely to use the litter box.

Your Hillsboro Pet Sitter’s policy is to visit cats at least once a day.  Be sure to mention the locations of your litter boxes so we can keep all of them clean. 

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