What Is Your Cats Tail Telling You?

Cats communicate with body language as much as dogs do.

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When a cats tail is straight up and stiff like a pencil he is telling you hello and is happy to see you.

When a cats tail  is bent slightly at the top, he is NOT HAPPY.

If your cats tail seems bushier than normal he is feeling threatened, you might also see them standing sideways to their subject, back is usually arched.

A slow swish of his tail is indicating he no longer wants you to pet him.  Best to remove your hand before it gets swiped.

When you notice your cats tail straight out and quivering he is in predatory mode and may vocalize a low growl.

You can learn a lot about what your cat is feeling by observing the tail.

In addition to his tail your cats eyes also indicate feeling and intentions.  Dilated eyes is an unhappy cat.  Ears pointing behind and flattened also indicates a bite may be evident.

A primary function of your cats tail is to assist them with balance while walking across the narrow fence line or a tree branch. When your cat jumps off their tail helps them get their paws under them.  Amazing!

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