How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost vs Boarding

HELP! I can’t decide! Should I board my pets or hire a pet sitter!

Let’s take look at your options.

Doggie Day Cares:

These fun filled, artfully decorated facilities offer an indoor and sometimes outdoor safe place for your dogs to be entertained all day. Usually the dog to person ratio is 1:10. Some will ensure that your pooch gets nap time in a quite area after a robust playtime.  There are several in Hillsboro to choose from.  If you are considering this option for your dogs during the day you can expect to pay about $25.00 per day. Some offer ½ day options too.

 Dog Boarding can come in many settings. Veterinary clinics, homes, and large facilities designed to entertain your pooch with swimming pools, beautifully decorated rooms and special beds for your dog to lay on and watch TV!  You can expect to pay $25 to $75 per day for 1 pet.

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Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Pet Sitters prices vary in the Portland Metro Area and prices are generally $18 – 25 per visit per pet.  If you have more than one pet or need medications administered you might pay $1 to 5 dollars more.  Some pet sitters will even sleep over with your pets. Your daily rate will cost $20 to $75 depending on number of visits per day and other factors.

Hillsboro dog walkers charges $22 – $25 per visit.  The amount of time spent for each visit is usually around 30 to 45 minutes but can be longer if this is what is needed. We offer One Price, Full Service, Guaranteed!

If you have livestock then give us a call and let us know what farm animals you have and what your needs are so we can give you a quote.

As you can see, hiring Hillsboro Dog Walkers & Pet Sitting is affordable. If you have multiple pets your financial benefit increases, how cool is that!

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Of course, there is also the convenience of leaving your pets at home!

Did you know your pet sitter also sends updates regarding your pets well being?  You could receive a darling photo along with your care notes.  Some clients truly enjoy receiving photos of their pets while they are on vacation.

Your Hillsboro pets are home waiting to greet you when you return!  You don’t have to wait till the next morning to pick them up at the kennels!  How wonderful is that?!

Next Time you plan on taking a trip, call Hillsboro Dog Walkers to find out how our pet sitting service can benefit you.

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