Dog Boarding or In Your Home Pet Sitting?

Nike PuppyOur family enjoys taking a vacation now and again just as your does.  But it is so agonizing thinking of leaving our pets at home alone or worst yet boarding them at a kennel.  In the past, we did as most of you have done, we trusted a boarding facility to care for our precious furry family member.

Years later I still think about that day.  I picked up Nike from the kennel, he was sooo excited to see us. He howled (Nike is a Beagle ) and barked as we headed to the car, he almost ran us over jumping into the car and onto the seat.  His bark sounded hoarse and I knew that he had been barking most of the time we were away.  He was so stressed out from his stay at the kennels that he began chewing on himself and his fur began to fall out.  I felt so terrible; I knew I couldn’t ever leave him at a kennel ever again.  The folks at the kennel were very nice and kind with Nike, but they can’t change the fact that he was in a cell, concrete floor and bars.  I paid for the extra walks so he could get some grass under his paws but he was still unhappy.  He didn’t know we would be back, Nike didn’t know where he was. Not all dogs adjust well to a foreign environment.  Put a dog in the woods and they are in hound heaven.  Put them in a kennel, they are confined and sad, nothing is familiar, and the situation creates stress.  From that day on, we never put Nike in a kennel.  If a family member couldn’t stay with him, he went with us, or we didn’t go on vacation.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.  You should be able to take a vacation, go on a business trip and know without a doubt that your pet child is going to be happy, safe and loved.

It is on this foundation and belief that I began operating my pet sitting service. What better way to help your pets feel safe and secure than to allow them to stay at home.  Less stress equals healthier and happier pets.  Familiar smells and surroundings minimize stress.

As your pet sitter, I will comfort, play, pet, talk, read, sing and feed your pets while your away.  Although your pets will still miss you they will have a wonderful time with us while you’re away, I can assure you.  I will even send daily pictures and messages of their progress so you can sleep better at night.

Nike is no longer with us, but he still holds a special place in our hearts.  We have so many hilarious memories of Nike.  He was my first pet teacher, he taught me how to tell him to lie down, sit and walk me. (You heard me right).  He taught me that choke collars are inhuman.  He taught me that going for a ride in the car is as exciting as stopping at the drive thru and devouring French fries.  He taught me that sleeping under the blankets is far better when you circle ten times until he was so wrapped up, no one will escape.  He taught me that despite all my valiant efforts, he will still get on the couch when I wasn’t looking.  I know, I’m a softy and Nike knew it too.

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