Perfect Dog Hiking Adventure Near Portland

Only 1 hour east of Portland..

you will find a perfect dog hiking adventure! Are you looking for a great place to hike with your dogs? Are you new to Oregon and haven’t discovered all of our dog friendly and beautiful places to explore. 

Puppy Greetings

Puppy Greetings

Today my focus is the Columbia Gorge, Eagle Creek Trailhead. If you love camping with your dogs and want more than just to hang around the campfire.  This is the perfect hiking trail for you and your dogs!

At the Eagle Creek trailhead you can enjoy a tour of the salmon hatchery and then walk a ½ mile to the trailhead.  The trail is narrow at some places with rocky steep cliffs and a cable railing to hold onto for the timid.  A very popular and scenic trail for many, we found everyone on the trail were polite and most kept their dogs on leashes which is a requirement.  Fortunately, the few that decided to let their dogs off leash were well controlled by voice command and we had no issues.  This was a 4 mile round trip hike through scenic rock cliffs, mossy trees and poison oak..yes beware when you step aside to let others pass that you aren’t standing near poison oak. Even if you don’t touch it your dogs hair may brush up along side of it.

Poison Oak

Poison Oak

Beware when you pet your dog that your entire outing hasn’t turned into an unfortunate experience of itching, hives, rash and discomfort. We were so fortunate to have met a nice couple along the trail that pointed this out to us and even gave my son her handy wipes so he could wipe off his hands as we stepped aside so they could pass.  I looked long and hard for leaves of 3 and let them be after that introduction.  I’m not certain if the picture to the left is in fact poison oak but who wants to take any chances?!

We were polite to let others pass but had to be careful where we stepped aside.

Punchbowl Falls

I Punchbowl Falls


The prize is Punchbowl Falls.  Beautiful sound of water gushing into a pool while sitting on a rain soaked smooth rock enjoying our picnic before heading back down the trail.  The lush green leaves, moss and trees are magnificient.


Is Your Dog Up to the challenge?

Our dog, Kheeta is 11 years old and at the punch bowl, she was ready to rest her weary legs and lay down among the rock and partially enjoy the cool stream among her paws.  We shared our peanut butter, chicken and cheese with her and she politely accepted our gifts.  When we got up to return to our walk I could see she was tired and her old bones were feeling the hike but she didn’t let that stop her from forging forward up the trail, sniffing those humans that evidently had dogs of their own, only she could smell this.  Greeting other canines on the trail and gliding along the side of us.

Happiest day she has had in a long time.

Kheeta Resting

Kheeta Resting

Once back at the trailhead she laid down and families with children asked if they could pet her.  I allowed them too, she was too tired to even lift her head.

I was impressed with the polite folks that enjoyed the trail on this labor day weekend, rain, sun and tricky terrain at times everyone was happy, and a joy to walk among the wilderness. 

Our sons commented that they felt like Daniel Day Lewis in the “The Last Of the Mohicans” running up the trail to save there damsels in distress only we weren’t carrying bayonets in anticipation of getting our throats slit by the Huron. Must be a “man” thing. 

Suggested Items to Bring for your Dogs.

Leash: Dogs are required to be leashed.

Towel & Brush (Rub down before returning into car)

Tweezers (Possible Ticks)

Doggie Waste Bags (Pick up after your pets)

Wet Ones

Bowl & Drinking water

First Aide: Benedryl for beestings, bandages, idodine.

Give your dog a walk pack, they can carry things too.

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