Dog Walking Rates For Every Client

Finding a great dog walker could be the most important task you accomplish today. Our dog walking rates start at $20 per walk.  We have dog walking rates for every client giving you options to fit your budget.  Read more to find out what all you get for your visits with our terrific dog walkers

Sure, you can hire the kid next door to walk your dog for a lot less, you and I know that.  If hiring the kid next door was an option for you then why are you here?

Dog Safety Comes First

You want to make sure that the person you hire will actually show up and walk your dog. Not only that, your dog doesn’t have perfect manners.  You know what I’m talking about.  They pull real hard and you’re not sure if Johnny next door can handle it.  Fluffy barks at other dogs and you want more than just a dog walker.  If you are concerned that your dog may pull away and find trouble on a walk then the kid next door is a risk.  We are qualified to know what to do in case of dog to dog reactions and will maintain control of your dog while on a walk.  Not only is dog safety a concern but you want someone you can count on every time.  We will protect your home, property and your beloved pets.  

Dog Walking Options For Every Budget

Our dog walking rates start @ $20 per walk.  We don’t charge per pet or extra for meds or other special requests.  We operate on the amount of time we spend at your home caring for your pets.  Whether you opt for a 20 minute potty break, short walk or letting them out to a 45 minute walk we have options for you.  If you have more than 2 dogs they might have to be walked in shifts and we recommend a 45 minute walk in these cases.  Each potential client will be given a quote over the phone that best fits the needs of each situation. 

Our 30 minute dog walking service is $26 per walk.  This gives your dog plenty of time to get some exercise and enjoy the company of their favorite dog walker.  If you feel that 30 minutes isn’t enough you can schedule our 45 minute visits instead.  We offer a frequent dog walker rate for our clients that use this service at least 3x weekly for $33 per walk.   Visit our rates page for more information.20140120_122952(0)

It’s not just the dog walk that makes us special

During this time we spend with your dog, they will enjoy a walk, sniff, relieve, play, eat treats, get rub down after a rainy outing and lots of kisses. Sometimes it takes a little longer but don’t worry, we don’t watch the clock and worry about the minutes.  We won’t charge extra for a little extra love and care.

In addition, you will have the ability to schedule online using our  secure online management system, receive photo text updates and payments are easily taken care of online.  If all that sounds pretty awesome to you then what are you waiting for? Let’s get you registered today!  Register Here!

This our day job.  As the founder of HDW, I Care Very Much about the well being of all our furry and human clients.   Not only will we be there to make sure that Fido gets a walk.  It is going to be a fun experience for both of us.

Send us an email, tell us about your dog(s) and what your biggest concern is and we can work out a dog walking program that will suit your budget and concerns. email

What is the most important thing to you regarding the care of your pets? Leave a comment or ask a question, I would love to hear from you.

Dog Walking Rates For Every Client
Finding a great dog walker could be the most important task you accomplish today. Our dog walking rates start at
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