Pet Sitting – Currently Not Accepting New Clients

Sorry, We are Currently Not Accepting New Clients for Pet Sitting Services

$26.00 Per Visit – 30 minutes  – This service is typically enough time for  3-4 pets.  

$36.00 Per Visit – 45 Minutes  –  5+ Pets

$50.00 Per Visit – 1 Full Hour of Love and Attention

Our Pet Sitters Strive To Bring The Best Care To Your Fur Babies While You Are Away.

Your time away will feel seamless when your pet sitter arrives to indulge your fur babies with all there creature comforts.

  • Lavish belly rubs.
  • Enjoyable Doggie walks.
  • Leave out there grooming brush for us to keep there grooming up to date.
  • Food prepared to your specifications
  • Medications administered. 
  • Lap Time for kitties or lap dogs
  • Litter boxes will be strained and perimeter kept free from litter.
  • Fresh bowl of water each visit.
  • Your home will be left in better shape than when you departed.
  • Follow up with a pet care updates delivered via text or email.
  • We are prepared to handle pet emergencies and ensure that your home is secured.