Every Other Day Cat Sitting Seems Harmless, But Is It?

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Stress can be the precursor to any health issues

Every other day visits could leave your kitty wondering if it has been forgotten and this could bring on stress.  This is the most important reason that we need to check in on your kitties at least once every day. 

When something goes wrong with your cat, whether it is a urinary tract blockage or infection it needs to be address right away, you don’t have a lot of time to wait, they can become very seriously ill.

Cats have sensitive systems, so if one were to be in distress for as much as two days, a very manageable condition could quickly turn into a life-threatening situation

Your Cat is trapped in a closet or closed off room

When I first began pet sitting many years ago, I was caring for a family of several pets.  When I arrived on my first visit I searched for the kitty and she was nowhere to be found.  I decided to check the bedrooms that the doors were closed off, sure enough, there she was.  She had no food, water or litter box.  The parents had left the day before so she had been in there for maybe 12 hours before rescued. 

or they are locked inside a room without water and food, it will end up being disastrous if not checked in a timely manner.   My personal experience has taught me that it is better to be attentive each day rather than wait and react to a potential emergency.

Monitor Cats Health and Give Them Plenty of Love

We always do a head count on every visit so even if your kitty is a master at hiding when you are away we will find them and observe them to ensure they are safe and well. 

We monitor the eating habits to ensure they have been getting sufficient food and water.  In addition, we scoop the litter box each visit and when this is done, 2 things happen. 

#1 – We can see if there is blood in the urine,

#2 – Your cat is happier because they like their litter boxes kept clean. 

We will also keep the perimeter swept and tidy to avoid tracking the litter around your home.

Pet First Aide Lessons Learned

As your pet care professional, it is our duty to be knowledgeable and follow the advice of our local veterinary doctors when caring for your fur babies. In this course, they discuss how quickly cats can become fatally ill within 24 hours.  With us arriving to check on your cats every 24 hours we can be there first line of defense, whether we are rescuing them from a precarious situation they have found themselves in or seeking medical attention for them before it’s too late.

If this is the level of care you expect for your cats, give Hillsboro Dog Walkers a call today, we would love to be your cats sitter! 

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Cat Visits start at $25.00 per visit.