Find Missing Cat With 9 Proven Methods

Has your cat has gone missing?  

Recently, our neighbor’s indoor cat went missing, they followed a few of these simple steps and their cat was back home by early the next morning.  If you are looking for a missing cat, follow these proven steps to bring him home as quickly as possible.

It’s helpful to understand the behavior of your cat.  If your indoor cat finds himself outdoors, they will probably be fearful in this unfamiliar territory.  Their instinct is going to be to hide in silence.  This is their primary protection behavior.

Conduct a quiet search

Remember that missing cats or displaced cats hide in silence. Sounds of people calling their name may only cause them to remain in hiding.

9 Proven Methods:

  1. Knock on your neighbor’s door and ask permission to search their yard, under decks or any place that might be considered a safe hiding place.
  2. Typically, they won’t travel far. It has been documented that most indoor cats are found within a 5-home radius or 1 block from home.
  3. Leave their litter box at the front door and their bedding or something with a familiar smell. 
  4. Use your normal voice.  It is very likely that your cat will not come out if your friends and neighbors are out calling their name and shaking a treat bag. 
  5. Leave your garage door open a crack so they can get back home on their own.
  6. Put out some smelly tasty food near your front door, inside your garage and around your yard
  7. Leave a cat carrier in your back yard by the door or front door if you aren’t comfortable leaving the garage door open a crack for them to re-enter at night.  Place some tuna or sardines inside the carrier and possibly they will hide inside their carrier waiting for you.
  8. It has been reported that missing cats generally return home during the quite hours generally between the hours of 8pm-2am and 4-7am
  9. Have a good picture of your cat to post on Facebook and next door community forums. 

Beautiful Long Hair Cat

It might be best for your neighbor to call you when they spot your kitty instead of trying to catch them as this might cause the cat to run away since they don’t know them.

Please visit “Missing Pet Partnership” for more helpful information regarding lost cat behavior. 

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