Help! New Puppy!

Are you ready to devote the time necessary to help your puppy adjust to it’s new family and home?

Bringing a new puppy home is much like having a new baby.  Consider taking a little time off work so you can spend adequate time helping him adjust.


Don’t wait, enroll in a puppy playgroup as soon as he/she has had it’s first round of vaccinations.  A puppy should be exposed to at least 100 new people before he is 12 weeks old.  Have a puppy party in your home so your he can meet lots of people.  Car rides, people wearing hats, men with beards, children, cats and other dogs are experiences that will help your puppy be a well adjusted dog when he grows up.

Provide a safe place for your puppy when he is home alone.  Be sure to give him a chew toy, stuffed kong and play some soft music to help him settle in.  Through A Dogs Ear is a wonderful CD serious to help dogs relax. You can order CD’s online at

Housetraining 101.

Monitor his water intake.  Take your puppy outside to relieve at least every hour, treat and praise heavily for each success. Don’t leave puppy unsupervised during the house training process.

Ouch! That Hurts!

Bite Inhibition is number one important lesson to teach your puppy.  It may be cute today but wait till he gets bigger.

Make sure puppy has suitable chew toys available.  If your puppy bites your hand during playtime make a sound that lets him know it hurts. Say “OUCH!”. Stop playtime immediately.  Try again after a few minutes.  He will learn very quickly that his teeth are not for biting you.  If he is chewing something that he is not allowed to, offer him an acceptable toy and remove the slipper. By the way, playing tug of war with puppies is a good thing.  This is how you teach your dog good manners.  Encourage them to play.

House Rules:

Limit puppy’s access to entire home until they have learned all their house manners.

If you can’t watch your puppy because you are busy on the phone or cooking dinner you should put him in his crate or suitable play pen area until you are done. This will help avoid house soiling accidents and getting into things they shouldn’t.

Gone are the days of waiting until a puppy is 6 months old to train.  Training begins when you bring puppy home.  Everything you do is training.  Keep this in mind, “Who’s training who?”

Don’t leave puppy home all day alone.

Puppies shouldn’t be left alone all day by themselves.  They are babies, they have just been separated from their mom and litter mates.  This is a life changing experience for them and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Have a family member come over during the day to play with him and give him a potty break.  Hire a puppy sitter.  I love to help families raise their puppies.  Lets face it, raising a well socialized puppy requires love and commitment.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy bonding with your new family member.

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