Hillsboro Dog Walkers – Professional – Loving – Reliable

Hillsboro Dog Walkers brings professionalism to the pet care industry.

  • Employees are trained, background checked and RELIABLE.
  • Our professional team will never leave you wondering if anyone arrived to care of your pets.  
  • Our safety net of policies and procedures will bring you peace of mind!
  • GPS Check in app for all walkers & sitters, monitored by our office managers.

Every dog and cat deserves to have a professional playmate during the day!

Does your dog seem gloomy? Depressed? Do you work long hours?

He or She might just be missing you and sending in a dog walker or playmate will definitively bring wags back in their tails! We are professional puppy spoilers! Whether you have dogs young or old, cats or other critters we are your neighborhood pet sitter and dog walkers! We love being able to spoil your pups.

Your pets will enjoy play time, walkies or just hang out if they are older but just need some special TLC to break up the boredom of there day.  We provide creative fun and excitement, leaving them content to take a nap until you return home. Fetch, tug of war, belly rubs and walks in the neighborhood is what your pups dream of while waiting for you to return home.  Soon they will be waiting at the window for us and wagging there tails!

Benefits for you and your dogs:

  • Healthy Balanced Lifestyle on a regular basis. 
  • Friendly Relationships with your pets caregiver.

Emotional Support and Loving Care when you need it.  

We have become great friends with some of our clients. We have cried with them when they lost there pets and shared many funny exchanges when we send the photo text updates each day.  We have come to cherish and value every one of our clients, human and furry.

Our established, privately operated pet service company has walked well over 4000 dogs, large and small.

  • Every employee is trained by the owner or a senior staff member.
  • New employees go through an orientation process that involves learning our policies and procedures as well as safety protocols, dog behavior, handling, managing every type of harness imaginable.
  • They will also shadow one of us to all our regular clients homes so they get to know your dogs and all their funny little antics.
  • We all love what we do and look forward to meeting more of our treasured neighborhood pets soon.

Benefits For You!

  • Easy Online Booking.
  • Caring Professionals that won’t allow your dogs to escape or get injured by stray dogs on a walk.
  • Insured and Bonded.  We don’t charge a deductible should a claim ever need to be processed (Rover Does!)

Back Up Dog Walkers:

Hillsboro Dog Walkers is always ensuring you are not left without a pet care provider.  If one of our dog walkers or pet sitters has an emergency and can’t work that day, we schedule an alternative to show up.

Safety Net:

You won’t have to call several people to find someone available on short notice because your other pet care provider stood you up.  We are reliable, everyone counts on us and we deliver. If you have any issues, you will be able to speak to the owner or office manager and we will respond to do everything in our power to make sure your experience with us is seamless and helpful.  This is why customers keep coming back.  We have acquired unhappy customers from larger corporate pet service companies because they were left waiting for the person to “show up”!  You won’t be waiting long for us to show up.  Exceptional reputation for being reliable pet sitters and dog walkers.

Great Reviews:

Just read our reviews page and see why our clients love us!


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