Need A Trusted Dog Walking Service?

Have you hired a dog walker and found that they didn’t deliver a great experience?

They didn’t follow your instructions or maybe they cancelled on you time and time again leaving you stuck to find a last minute solution?  Look no further, we are your trusted dog walking service solution. 

Small Owner Operated Service Is The Way To Go, Please Don’t Hire A Large Tech Company To Walk Your Dogs

Finn dressed up for Halloween

We hire employees not Independent Contractors.  Shelley is available to answer your questions, help you with scheduling and offering advise or referrals from other local small businesses. A trusted dog walking service is essential to making your life stress free.  I love to hear my clients write me and tell me they don’t know how they got along with out us.

You won’t be stuck finding a last minute solution or worrying all day that your dog is stuck indoors and can’t get out to pee.  When you have a concern you will be able to speak to the owner and voice your concerns ensuring that you are getting the best customer experience.  After all, you deserve to be treated with respect and have a comfortable working relationship with the person that is caring for your fur kids.  You want to know who is going to be in your home when you are not there.  Maybe you are home and we are walking your dogs because you are too busy, ill or physically challenged, we clients that hire us just for this reason and they trust us and love our company when stop in to walk their dogs.

Great Employees Make A Difference

We have a wonderful team of friendly, mature, responsible, animal loving employees. Our clients trust us walking their dogs and being in there homes.  We have an impeccable record of consistency.  Check out our google reviews and reviews on our website to hear what our clients say about us.

Employees are trained and follow standards, policies and procedures. This gives you consistent care no matter who walks your dog that day.  Get to know our staff by checking out our staff page.

Each of our employees have different styles and personalities that bring uniqueness to our service in a fun way.  What we all have in common is our commitment to providing the best care possible to you and your pets.

We have been serving Hillsboro Area Pets and Families for almost 5 years!  

Proper Gear is Essential For Walking Dogs: 

As you may have discovered with your own dog, collars and harness should be properly attached and well fitted so they aren’t choking and aren’t too loose.  Have you ever had a dog back out of their collar and find yourself running down the street frantically trying to catch them?  This is why we do a collar and harness check prior to walking your dog to ensure everyone’s safety.

We don’t use those retractable leashes either.  If that is all you have, we will request you provide us with a standard, nylon or leather leash.  If there isn’t one left for us we will use our own.  I am very strict about this rule because humans and pets can be seriously hurt from a retractable leash.   

We tune into your dogs needs, reactions change in behavior and anything that would alarm us.  You would receive an immediate phone call in the even of an emergency.   We pay close attention to the environment and are prepared when a stimuli appears because sometimes this will change everything.  A dog could bark, lunge, try to escape or they might not give a hoot about what’s going on.  Either way, we want to make our walks as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Client Relationships:7426779214_5e6e3a377e_n

Relationships are built on trust.

We will work to gain your trust over time, our consistent service always delivers.  As your professional dog walker/pet sitter we build a trusting relationship together, giving you peace of mind knowing your pets are safe at home with us. Notes, texts and emails are sent during visits for your peace of mind.  If you have any concerns regarding your pets before or during our visit, let us know so we can be supportive and help you with your concerns.  We bring in packages left by UPS or Fed Ex and secure them in your home, we can haul your garbage can out and back to the house if needed.  We will even clean up after your pets if they have an accident or maybe got into something they shouldn’t have.  Before long you will be wondering how you ever got along without Hillsboro Dog Walkers checking in on your precious pets.

Easy Online Booking For My Clients

Schedule your dog walks or pet sitting days quick and simple.  Our clients are in full control of updating information regarding their pets behavior, health, veterinary, feeding instructions and emergency contacts.  Your contact information is kept here as well as any additional information regarding our service to you, for example: garbage pick up days, newspaper and mail instructions.


Our online scheduler provides us with an interface from which we can see which clients we are visiting, what time frame we are to be there and a check-in system.  In addition,  we send text updates during or directly after our visit to you with a cute picture of your fur kid (s).  We let you know how they are doing.

Quality = Hillsboro Dog Walkers

“The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something”

It’s very easy to get started with us. You can register right here from our website, click on the brown paw that says, “New Clients” .  After you register, I will contact you by phone and we can discuss your needs and how we can help.

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