Simple Tips For Walking Your Dog Safely In The Dark!

Can you be seen at night?  Can drivers spot you and your dog when you are on your evening walk?  I can’t tell you how many times I freaked out because I couldn’t see the dark shadow walking their black lab at night.  In my business ,we are out walking dogs all different times of the day and I want to be visible and safe, I know you do too! Let’s practice some of my simple tips for walking your dog safely in the dark so we can enjoy many more walks with our fur kids.

Lighted Collar

Lighted Collar  

This is so easy to do and only takes a second.  Go to and check out all the options you can have for lighted dog collars.  They come in all sizes and colors.  You can recharge them with you USB port you use from you phone too.  One of my clients uses a blue one and I love the 3 settings we can choose from blinking to solid color.  This really helps drivers see that there is a dog walking nearby.  

Construction Vest

You need to be seen as well so pick up a construction vest and slip it over your coat.  When cars approach with their headlights on you will light up so bright they can’t miss you.  If you don’t like construction vest, you have other reflected options too.

Wearing White Is Not Enough

I came across a video that demonstrates just how difficult it is to see persons wearing “White” at night.  If you think that just wearing white is good enough, think again.  Watch this video you will be amazed.

There are some really cool trinkets out there on the market to help you be safe.  Take advantage of your options.  You’re worth it!

Here is what I found. has a lighted velco strapped collar, wrist bands for the human, lighted tags to attach to the collar and even lit up harnesses and leashes.  Depending on your dog and what catches your fancy, you can light yourself up and your precious pets on any dark night.

It seems that I hear of pedestrians being hit on a regular basis.  I know how difficult it is to see people walking after dark.  So, lets all be safe when out walking after dark.  Put on your reflective vest, a light on your body and don’t forget about your doggies safety too!

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