Pet Sitter Or Board My Pets?

This is a personal decision and the answer needs to fit your animals behavior, personality and physical limitations.

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1.  Is your pet timid with other dogs?

Do you know if your dog is happy being around LOTS of other dogs?  When you take him to the dog park does he sit or stand by you or does he go play?

When you take him to doggie day care is he excited, pacing in the car and when you arrive he leaps and bounds to play with the others, or does he stay close to you almost somber like?

2.   Does your pet HATE being in a cage?

Was he a shelter dog? If so, he might feel insecure about staying at a boarding kennel.

3.   Is your dog older?

Does he enjoy lying around most of the day? Does he really enjoy playing with other dogs at the dog park? Is he content just standing by your side and going for walks? If he doesn’t want to play with the other dogs he may show signs of stress ifleft in this environment for any length of time.

4.   Is your dog intact?

Dog Boarding facilities won’t take intact pets. If you have chosen to keep your pets intact for breeding purposes you will probably have to hire a pet sitter or ask someone to watch your pets while your away.

5.  Is your pet aggressive towards other animals? 

Some facilities will perform a temperament test prior to accepting your pet into their care.  Most will pass with flying colors.  If your dog is fearful of other animals he might react aggressively towards the other animals and therefore not be accepted.  Also, some places have breed restrictions, unfortunately.  These will be absolute deal breakers and limit your choices.

 6.   Do you have multiple pets?

If you do, it might just be easier to hire a pet sitter to come to your home and possibly less expensive. I have cared for many multiple pet family’s and the pets appear relaxed and always happy to greet their visiting pet sitter.

Making the best choice for your furry family members is easy when you know what your pet likes and needs.

Did you answer YES to any of these questions? Taking your pet to a doggie day care or boarding place probably isn’t a good fit.

Your dogs days at the doggie day care could be causing stress.  Please read my blog, “Is My Dog Stressed Out?  for more information.

Hiring a pet sitter might be the perfect option.

Hillsboro Dog Walkers will pamper your pets when you’re away giving them love and attention in the comfort of your happy home.

Who knows, maybe Hillsboro Dog Walkers and Pet Sitting Too will be your pets next best friend.

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