Exciting Real Life Pet Sitting Story

So your planning a vacation and want to find the perfect Hillsboro Pet Sitter to care for your pets.  2010-03-11 19.10.08

Your pet sitter begins asking you questions and your confused because you don’t think its important or has anything to do with feeding your animals and taking them for a walk, but does?

  • Where is your water main valve?
  • Where is the gas/propane main line valve?
  • Where is your electrical panel?
  • Do you have crates for your pets? If so, where are they located?
  • Can you provide us with a phone number of someone that you trust and lives nearby in case of emergency?

Why do we ask these questions?  Read my personal account of my pet visit on a warm summer evening.

It’s a hot summer evening; I’ve just borrowed a friend’s 4 wheel drive truck because mine had to go the car doctor unexpectedly.  I am driving up a long 5 mile gravel road to go visit my wonderful clients, Ipod and Nanu (That’s not really their names, hehe but the story is TRUE).

Ipod is a Rottweiler mix and Nanu is an elderly cat that needs heart and thyroid medication.

I bounce up the rutted road arriving at this beautiful home nestled in the fir trees. I can hear Ipod barking with excitement, she knows I am here and can’t wait for her walk.  I park the truck under the carport and enter the home.  Ipod is wagging her tail blocking my path to the kitchen, she’s waiting for me to grab the leash and go.

I walk upstairs and check on kitty.  She mans her post in the upstairs bathroom 11 hours a day only to surface to the kitchen for a meal and potty break.  She’s as predictable as a rolex watch. I know she will be in her bed in the bathroom, yep, there she is, “hi baby! How’s your day?” She responds with a turn of the head, oh its you.  That’s okay, I’m used to her cold greetings.  Ipod and I descend the stairs to prepare the nightly dinner.

But wait, oh no! What is that crackling sound?? Oh my goodness, Oh dear god something is falling! My heart is pounding I can feel the adrenalin rush emerge from within. I look outside and all I can see are tree trunks. Its still falling, OMG, are we safe? I run upstairs to the bathroom we just left, Ipod is at my heels. I peer out the tiny window and “THUD!” Who says you can’t hear a tree fall in the forest??? This tree shook the floors!  I’m okay, the animals are okay, but the power just went out.

Oh dear?  Did it fall on the truck I just parked under the carport? I still can’t see anything! My heart is racing, how will I explain this one to our friend?! I run back downstairs fly out the front door and am completely relieved to see the carport intact and truck as pristine as when I parked it.  Whew, that could have been ugly.

Further investigation revealed a tall fir tree, fell just feet from the house, knocking out the power line and throwing branches across the backyard fence.  I inspect the fence line and all is still secure and intact.

I pull out my file for my clients and reference the utilities company.

Immediately, I called the power company to report the outage.  They smugly tell me, yes ma’m we are aware there is a power outage in that area.   I ask, “Do you know where the power outage is?” “No Ma’am we have sent out a truck to investigate.” We’ll I can tell you exactly where it is.” No kidding, He replies, you can see the tree down?” Yes sir, I reply.  He asks for the address, thanks me and we say good bye.

I called the owners and told them what just happened, they were grateful I was there. We worked out a plan for the evening.  They asked that I secure the doggie door for the evening since the power company would be out and working right next to the fence line. I assured them I would take care of everything and update them in the morning. Ipod still got her long awaited walk, Nanu received her meds with the help of the flashlight and fresh food and water was placed in her special spot.

The next morning the power was back on, I reset the clocks, double checked the fencing and called my clients.

Hopefully you will have a professional pet sitter that is armed with the tools and the cool to handle emergency situations.

This situation could have been very different.  What if the tree actually hit the house? The pets would be exposed to the cold and fallen debris, they could have been hurt, a propane line could have broken, a fire could have erupted, if I let my imagination wander I could come up with a few more “what ifs”.  None of the “what ifs” happened but what if they did? Does your pet sitter have an emergency plan in place?

Fortunately, for my clients everything worked out beautifully and I left feeling great that I was there at the right time and able to put my hard hat on and get to work.

I would be happy to discuss a back up plan in case of emergency when I am caring for your home and pets.

It was a great story to talk about with my husband that evening.  “Honey, how was your day?”  Well, you’ll never believe what happened on a client call today!…”

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