Professional Dog Walker vs Hobby Walker

You are probably asking yourself, “Why should I pay a dog walking service when I can have my neighbor walk my dog?”

Let me answer this question by describing what we encounter on a daily basis walking your dogs.

Dogs off leash in the neighborhood:

How will your friend or kid down the street handle an off leash dog approaching your dog?  Will it end well with no incident or will there be a trip to the vet for a dog bite. Our staff is trained to handle surprise visits from off leash dogs.  We have a few tricks in our tool box to help us keep the stray dogs from getting too close.

Long Term Affects of a Dog Fight:

When a  dog is injured in a dog fight, they can show signs of trauma, and reactive negatively just at the sight of other dogs in the future.  We at Hillsboro Dog Walkers have a plan to avoid dog fights.  Shelley has trained her employees to use a couple of tactics that work.  I have been in business for 3 years now and we have had a few encounters with off leash dogs.  Every time we were able to handle the situation without incident.

Never Miss A Dog Walk:20150527_Benny

Walking dogs is our job, we love our job and can’t imagine loving doing anything else more.  It is our income and we are accountable.  We have implemented an online scheduling program for your convenience. It sends out an automated email every day letting us know who is on the schedule and when they need walked.  Our dog walkers will send you a text with a photo of your dog letting you know we were at your home and “Junior” had his walk today”.  This gives our clients peace of mind.

Pick Up the Poop:

Yep, its a dirty job and it must be done.  We are vigilant about picking up after your pets, we even bring our own poop bags to make sure we are always prepared.

Dog Handling Experience:

Shelley and her employees all have experience working with animals of all kinds.   I ensure that your walker has worked with many different breeds and temperaments on a volunteer level or working in another animal job.  What experience they lack, I train so they understand what to look for when walking your dogs, how to hold the leash so they don’t get away when they are excited, rewarding good behavior with healthy “USA MADE” treats and of course giving them tons of love and affection.

20151030_122537I understand that your dogs are your fur kids and we want them to be happy, safe and exercised.  The exercise keeps them healthy so they don’t have stiff joints and keeps there weight under control.  We break up there boring day sleeping on the couch and give them a chance to get outdoors, check out the pee mail, do there business and know they are loved.

Your fur babies deserve the best.  I guarantee you will have a positive experience with Hillsboro Dog Walkers.

Happy Trails Hillsboro!


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