4th of July Dog Safety Tips You Must Try

4th of July can be a dogs worst nightmare Are you dreading the firecrackers, loud booms and all the fear that is associated with this holiday?  It is supposed to be a time for celebration. I would like to remind everyone to be sensitive to all persons and pets that are having difficulty dealing with […]

Help, I Need A Reliable Pet Sitter

You’re new to the pet sitting experience and want to guarantee you have a beautiful stress free experience.  How do you find a reliable pet sitter you can trust in your home and with your fur babies? You don’t know what questions to ask to make sure your pets caretaker is a perfect fit. Let […]

Help! New Puppy!

Are you ready to devote the time necessary to help your puppy adjust to it’s new family and home? Bringing a new puppy home is much like having a new baby.  Consider taking a little time off work so you can spend adequate time helping him adjust.

Is My Dog Stressed Out?

Do you know when your pets are stressed? I recently read an article written in Whole Dog Journal; by Turid Rugaas, a Norwegian dog trainer. She explains that stressors compromise the body’s immune system. In the frequent presence of adrenaline, the immune system is inhibited, which can make an animal more susceptible to disease.

Enjoy Stress Free Dog Walking!

Are your dogs more interested in the squirrels, cats and other dogs while on a walk? Is your dog pulling hard causing you pain in your shoulder? Is your dog harming themselves by pulling? Did you know that if Fido lunges forward abruptly or you  jerk on the leash/collar, you can cause serious harm to their […]