Find Missing Cat With 9 Proven Methods

Has your cat has gone missing?   Recently, our neighbor’s indoor cat went missing, they followed a few of these simple steps and their cat was back home by early the next morning.  If you are looking for a missing cat, follow these proven steps to bring him home as quickly as possible. It’s helpful […]

Every Other Day Cat Sitting Seems Harmless, But Is It?

    Stress can be the precursor to any health issues Every other day visits could leave your kitty wondering if it has been forgotten and this could bring on stress.  This is the most important reason that we need to check in on your kitties at least once every day.  When something goes wrong […]

Treat Your Pets, Hire a Pet Sitter!

HDW takes your worries away.  Leave your pets at home and let Hillsboro Dog Walkers treat your pets to a safe, stress free vacation too! After all, they deserve the best, right? We listen to all your concerns and deliver a stress free vacation for you and your pets!  Why should you come home feeling guilty that your […]

Help, I Need A Reliable Pet Sitter

You’re new to the pet sitting experience and want to guarantee you have a beautiful stress free experience.  How do you find a reliable pet sitter you can trust in your home and with your fur babies? You don’t know what questions to ask to make sure your pets caretaker is a perfect fit. Let […]

4 Clear Signs Your Pet Is Sick

How will your pet sitter respond to a real life pet emergency. As your professional pet sitter we strive to be prepared.  Shelley has been certified in Pet First and CPR, trained to recognize when an animal is ill, in shock or injured. You are probably wondering, when my pet gets sick, are we prepared to handle […]