Treat Your Pets, Hire a Pet Sitter!

HDW takes your worries away.  Leave your pets at home and let Hillsboro Dog Walkers treat your pets to a safe, stress free vacation too! After all, they deserve the best, right? We listen to all your concerns and deliver a stress free vacation for you and your pets!  Why should you come home feeling guilty that your […]

Pet Sitter Or Board My Pets?

This is a personal decision and the answer needs to fit your animals behavior, personality and physical limitations.

How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost vs Boarding

HELP! I can’t decide! Should I board my pets or hire a pet sitter! Let’s take look at your options.

Dog Boarding or In Your Home Pet Sitting?

Our family enjoys taking a vacation now and again just as your does.  But it is so agonizing thinking of leaving our pets at home alone or worst yet boarding them at a kennel.  In the past, we did as most of you have done, we trusted a boarding facility to care for our precious […]