Its Time To Say Good Bye To Your Dog – Help For You Making This Decision

When is it Time To Say Good Bye To My Dog? Are you faced with the heart wrenching decision of knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to your dog?  Do you know when it’s time? I will provide you with questions for you to answer and help you make this decision. I am also […]

Cat Scratching the Walls & Furniture!

Cats are very intelligent. Did you know they can achieve the mental level of a 2-year old human? know what they say about the “terrible two’s”. At least children grow out of it.  Don’t dispair, cats are smart and trainable! That being said, its no wonder they are great problem solvers and figure out ways to get […]

Treat Your Pets, Hire a Pet Sitter!

HDW takes your worries away.  Leave your pets at home and let Hillsboro Dog Walkers treat your pets to a safe, stress free vacation too! After all, they deserve the best, right? We listen to all your concerns and deliver a stress free vacation for you and your pets!  Why should you come home feeling guilty that your […]

4 Clear Signs Your Pet Is Sick

How will your pet sitter respond to a real life pet emergency. As your professional pet sitter we strive to be prepared.  Shelley has been certified in Pet First and CPR, trained to recognize when an animal is ill, in shock or injured. You are probably wondering, when my pet gets sick, are we prepared to handle […]

Pet Sitters Insurance, I’m So Confused!

Pet Sitters Insurance can be confusing to understand. I am breaking down the barrier of our pet sitters insurance policy so you can understand it.