Doggie Breaks! New Service

Hillsboro Dog Walkers is now offering a new service option. We call it Doggie Breaks! 20 minutes of our undivided attention for your puppy, adult or senior dogs. We wanted to offer a service that pet owners can afford. Even a short recess is better than no break at all.  I know, you are sitting […]

Help! New Puppy!

Are you ready to devote the time necessary to help your puppy adjust to it’s new family and home? Bringing a new puppy home is much like having a new baby.  Consider taking a little time off work so you can spend adequate time helping him adjust.

Dog Boarding or In Your Home Pet Sitting?

Our family enjoys taking a vacation now and again just as your does.  But it is so agonizing thinking of leaving our pets at home alone or worst yet boarding them at a kennel.  In the past, we did as most of you have done, we trusted a boarding facility to care for our precious […]