Preparing to Travel With Your Dog

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Take your dog hiking or camping and don’t forget the first aide Kit!

After all they are part of the family too.  Have you considered what could go wrong and what you can do to prevent a minor incident from turning into an emergency trip to the vet.  What could go wrong you ask?  I’m glad you did.  Here are some examples.  Buster eats something poisonous.  Bella gets a cut from a branch and it is looking infected.  Snake bites, dehydration, burned paws, car sickness.  These are just a few examples.  So lets keep the fun in your vacation y being prepared.

Collars and ID Tags

It would also be a good idea to make sure they are microchip and the information is up to date in the database. If your precious pet gets loose and lost the collar could be removed or come off and there would be no way to identify him unless he has a microchip.

Dog Pack Essentials! 

Pack their food, leash, bowls, poop bags and toys. If your dog gets car sick or associates a ride in the car with going to the vet then you might want to begin taking him for short rides to a park, something fun so they are happy to ride in the car. Motion sickness can be handled in a couple of ways. First go out and purchase a car restraint for him. Having them mobile in the car can be dangerous for your dog and you because it will be a distraction. If you were to get in a car accident you wouldn’t want him flying out of the car.
this would be horrible! Go online to Ruffwear for a great car restraint. I love Ruffwear. They are located in Bend Oregon. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast with your canine pals!

Dog First Aide Kit

Having a first aide kit on board is another good idea. Here are a few items that could be useful.

  • Wash cloth to wipe off dirty paws.
  • Benydryl in case of a bee sting. This will help the swelling.
  • Gauze in a roll and squares. The gauze can be used to muzzle dog if needed and wrap up injuries to legs until you can get to the vet.
  • Scissors,
  • antibiotic ointment,
  • betadine,
  • eye wash,
  • activated charcoal in case of ingesting poisen.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. This is used to make dogs vomit as well.
  • Needle nose pliers for pulling out thorns.

Know where the local Vet & Emergency Hospitals Is.

Before you travel research where the local veterinary is and store the information in your phone and write it down.  It isn’t fun trying to locate one when you are in a panic. Have the information loaded in your phone for quick access.

 When your pet needs to stay home.

Is you dog up for the trip? If you have concerns talk to your vet before traveling. If it’s best they stay home then you can hire a pet sitter. Pet Sitters are trained and have a lot of experience caring for your fur babies at home. We can administer medications, keep them on their schedule and ensure they aren’t lonely.


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