Treat Your Pets, Hire a Pet Sitter!

HDW takes your worries away.  Leave your pets at home and let Hillsboro Dog Walkers treat your pets to a safe, stress free vacation too! After all, they deserve the best, right?

We listen to all your concerns and deliver a stress free vacation for you and your pets!  Why should you come home feeling guilty that your pet just spent the past week in kennel.

We Provide:

Daily Updates:

Did you know your pet sitter sends text updates each day regarding your pets well being?  You could receive a darling photo along with your care notes.  Your pets are having fun with their pet sitter and you don’t have to feel guilty! Some clients truly enjoy receiving photos of their pets while they are on vacation.

Trust me! Your fur babies are happy at home waiting to greet you when you return!  You don’t have to wait till the next morning to pick them up at the kennels!  How wonderful is that?!

Little Exposure to illnesses.

Bordetella, fleas and stress related illnesses are all risks you take when boarding your pet.

Home security

With a pet sitter coming and going from your house it will look like someone is home.  We bring in the paper, retrieve the garbage cans from curb and put them away.  Surprise packages on your doorstep will be brought in.  Lights and blinds can be altered to give a lived in appearance.  If the air conditioner stops working, the power goes out or a water leak happens, we are there to discover these unfortunate happenings and report them to you.

Special Diets

Do you have a special raw food diet or cooked meals because you want the very best for your pets.  It might be difficult to maintain this mealtime regimen in a boarding facility.  Your pet sitter will be more than happy to dish out your gourmet meals to your pets, wash the dishes and drool over their delicious meals.

Your Next Vacation or Business trip, don’t forget to call your pet sitter.  Your fur babies will thank you.  Woof, Woof, Meow Too!

Hillsboro Dog Walkers is a professional pet sitting company that strives to care for all your pets needs in the comfort of their home.  We have a terrific team of animal loving caregivers!

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